The craggy mountains and open grasslands of the Eastern Cape are home to many coveys of Greywing Partridge, a premier sporting bird. For the wingshooter, a Greywing hunt offers many rewards, including unrivalled scenery, mountain air, and the peculiar pleasure of watching the joyous English Pointers racing like horses through the grasslands before their much anticipated, sudden, unanimous Greywing point. These fast flying birds present a challenge for the avid bird enthusiast, and the experience of teamwork between hunter, guide, dog and terrain. Besides Greywing, we also offer a selection of 15 waterfowl species, driven Guinea Fowl, as well as pigeons or doves over agricultural lands. The wingshooting hunting season runs from 1 May to 31 July in South Africa with a bag limit of 4 birds per hunt per day. All Greywing hunts can be done separately, or in combination of one of our standard plains game or dangerous game safaris in the Eastern Cape.